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Web Building and Design 

I'm an experienced web designer, ready to create a website for you and place you and your organization in the World Wide Web [www.].

You will have a beautiful and informative website. Just share the link with your network, community and next employer.

Contact BUZZ Wbs today to explore more and discuss possibilities.

Our Services

I can offer:

Tailored smart websites to suit your needs

Full solutions in competitive prices

Clean and smart design

Personal portfolio 

This website is all about you. This is your online visit-card. Your skills and competences will shine!

Services and competences

The website will show your services and products and make it easier for people to get in touch.

Events and occasions 

Get all information about your next event in one place. Collect attendees' information in an easy way.

Your personal portfolio website

Your personal portfolio, including your C.V., work experience, competences and latest projects, ready to share with your next employer

Be competitive when looking for a new job

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Ready to find out more?

I'm happy to meet with you to tailor the right solution that suits your needs. No obligations or commitments. Get in touch to get an offer.


Naomi - Buzz Wbs owner

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